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the elegance of details

Nothing is left to chance: colors, designs, textures and finishes.
The taste is Biella, for a man discreet and elegant.
The production is TBM, where cotton and linen are at home.
Propose our ideas, listen to your projects, grow together.

The ambition of dressing the everyday, with personality and taste.
TFM is the result.




Sharing TBM Group industrial strategy of vertical integrated production cycle is one of the strengths of TFM.
Group plants (spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing), present throughout the national territory, work in a context of high technology and maximum flexibility and guarantee a final product of genuine Made in Italy quality.

Take a loot at the production steps

TBM group – production.


TFM fabrics serve a sporty man, who expresses a stylish personality in his free time.

Pure linen, pure cotton and cotton blends, whose look and touch can be compared to the most precious fabrics coming from Biella and England, are offered in a wide range of designs and colors, ranging from classic taste to the latest trends. The attention to finishing techniques and knowledge of innovative industrial processes, such as the exclusive treatment “Smartex” for linens and cottons, guarantee finished garment performances equal to those of wool quality.

The casual dress takes the same image of a tailored garment.



Summer / Winter

Yarn-dyed linen for jackets and suits predominates in summer. Softened treatments and blends with other fibers provide a refined and relaxed look.

In autumn/winter dyed cottons stretch and rigid, for jacket, suit and pants, are the winners, along with plain cottons prepared for dyeing with the latest technologies, which thanks to the different types of treatment can be used multiple seasons.

Due to a special finishing, fabrics acquire a harmonious and soft look, and increase the comfort for the consumer.



Wearing pleasure

TFM fabrics are sold to the most prestigious labels, and the best menswear customers for their upper casual and sportswear collections.

The constant and direct relationship with these customers helps us to make exclusive fabrics for them, along with the more classic strategic items, with relevant sales volumes, thanks to the reliability and quality of a sound industrial partner like TFM.





Offices and Legal Office

Via B.Marcora 1
21010 Besnate (VA)
Tel 0331988811
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